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This page is intended for showing you the other freelance writing articles I have completed and who I used for them.. Visit my home page for a table of contents to explore this website even further..

Freelance Design

My first article was freelanced at the website which is an absolutley must when it comes to excellent freelance work. You simply create and log into your freelancer account and be specific on what it is that you want (mainly for your website) and you post it so that hundreds of freelancers see what it is that you would like competed. For me, I wanted a logo done for a friend of mine who isn’t so technically savy. He has a business in Omaha and he just put up a website but needed a really cool header logo for his business so that it would stand out to people who visited his website. I ended up letting freelancers know that this was for a labor/moving business in Omaha¬†and I wanted the initials of the place to be designed with specific colors and I had 10 designers give me there work and I chose the best one. Here is the design logo I went with:

Dumpster Rental Omaha

Pretty Sweet HUH!!! They do a great job and I forgot to mention that it is very affordable…and by affordable, I mean cheap like $5-$10 dollars. If you are in need of freelance work or want to give freelance work, visit this site.

Yelp For Business

I have helped many friends with managing their business citations online for all the major social and directory platforms. I would say that Yelp! is the best platform for local citations because it is crucial to get your business noticed by some people who may not see you online. More and more are yelp pages being listed in the local SERPs in Google so you better adapt and get a page on here.

yelp pageIt may be frightening to you to step out of your comfort zone and get a yelp account setup but it is super easy and if you ever have any problems, you an call them and they are really helpful in showing you step by step what you need to do.

Logo Design

Here is a later design I did for my clients out in Connecticut called and they really do a good job of waste management out on the East Coast. Here is the logo:

CT Dumpster

Updated logo done yesterday for a client of mine in the garage door repair industry; they consider themselves the doctors of everything garage door related and they can be found at Here is their newest logo:

houston garage door repairs

Please let me know in the comment section below if you like this design or if there is anything you would like to add to it! Thanks! Check out the youtube video below to learn a little bit about creating a logo and also visit elance for great affordable gigs to get a logo made up. Don’t forget to visit my blog for additional great articles!

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