Eating healthy with the Paleo Diet

Jan 16, 2015 | | Say something

As you all probably know, the Paleo diet (AKA Primal) is a new eating fad that has captured the attention of millions of people. This diet has been known to, among other things, increase focused attention, decrease inflamation, and give a steady and constant flow of energy throughout the day.


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I have tried this diet for a couple months and I can personally say that all ot these perceived benefits and effects are true. Every morning I would feel so energized from the get go and would be able to have this constant energy throughout the day without any afternoon or after-work crash. I consumed less coffee because I didn’t need it as I never felt as clear as I did.

The Cons

Although you get tons of benefits eating this way, I don’t think the degree of difficulty is worth the effort of following this diet 100%. To eat 100% is almost impossible unless you have personal nutritionist to keep you on track every single day. I found that it is possible to live by this ┬ádiet if you eat this way around 50% of the time. I say this because it is inevitable that you will miss a meal and settle for fast food or something unhealthy to tithe you over. You need to be prepared if you are going to eat this way. You need to plan out your week ahead of time and shop accordingly to that this is viable.


This diet may be impossible to follow completely but it is a diet that I truly believe can have lasting benefits if stayed on it semi-strictly. There are alot of fads and diets that come and go, especially in the last 10 years. Many don’t last very long, but the Paleo diet seems like it’s here to stay because alot of people are experiencing the true effects of it, although sometimes hard to get the maximum effects because of the hard to follow strict rules.


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