The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that catch my eye.  I will attempt to capture as many of these little things and share them with you.

Today while at lunch, I was most excited by these cute cups.  It comes from a local fast food restaurant, OFF THE HOOK, that has some of the BEST gumbo, fried chicken, fish, and shrimp around.  So if you are ever in the Thibodaux area and want some amazing fried seafood, chicken or gumbo make a little stop here, you won’t regret it.  I am still eating clean and while everyone else had their mouth watering lunches, I had one of their grilled shrimp salads which was pretty good.

Cute, Whimsical, Cajun

Cute, Whimsical, Cajun


~Christie :)

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4 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. I have never been introduced to Gumbo and was wondering if this is a stew or a chowder? I went to googled and searched gumbo to check out the ingredients and work out what it would taste like. Bucket list Gumbo, sounds like something I would enjoy.

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