St. Joseph Altar’s blessed bread for protection from storms

A Catholic tradition that has always been practiced in my family is the offering of the St. Joseph Altar’s blessed bread before a storm.  You put the bread in your freezer, and it is generally held that if you throw a piece of the bread outside your home during a storm, your house will be protected.

We have always been blessed and I am not one to break the tradition and go against beliefs.  This past year during the St. Jospeh altar, my husband was patrolling the neighborhoods due to an increase in personal property crimes.  A few of the residents noticed him and always made it a point to say hello and thanks.  He was patrolling during St. Joseph’s Day and one of the houses had an altar for the public.  While taking the altar down, an elderly lady stopped him and gave him a bag full of blessed bread for his family.  We have been keeping it available for if ever needed.  Well, today is the day.  With Isaac approaching our homes, it is time to ask for that protection.

Gracie throwing a piece of the bread in the front yard

Nicholas throwing a piece in the back yard

We shared the bread with friends. Jack and Emma placing the bread in their back yard

St. Joseph, Pray for us!

~Christie :)

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15 thoughts on “St. Joseph Altar’s blessed bread for protection from storms

  1. Glad to see this tradition is still happening. My grandmother used to make me throw bread from the back door when there was a particularly strong storm passing over.

  2. I have bought a few fundraiser cook books from churches at thrift stores here in Florida. Several of them have recipes for St. Joseph bread. Thanks for the custom of the bread. I hope you are save. I still have my window awnings locked down. We will put them up later this week.

    • Hey girlie, things are good here. We were very blessed and spared from the storm’s demolition, but so many were not. There are thousands still fighting the flooding waters and unable to get back to their homes. The aftermath is devastating. We regained our electricity after 48 hours, but so many others still are waiting. There is a story every day about an elderly person who passed due to the heat and without electricity. It is heartbreaking.

  3. Thank goodness you survived the storm. Boarded up windows are kind of eerie to look at. I never heard of this bread tradition in the Catholic community, but if it works don’t fix it :)

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