Take the time to see your surroundings

I am “on the road” a lot.  Sometimes I end up in some not so favorable places and other times I get the unusual surprises.  Due to this I usually carry a camera in my car, hoping to capture these finds and show them off.  Unfortunately, I recently took the camera out of my car for the kids’ first day of school (Oh I am going to have to post those pics later) and forgot to put it back.  I actually ran across some pretty awesome and unusual things lately, so I had to settle for the camera on my Droid, I appologize, but I had to share these.

I am assuming these are deer skulls that someone had sitting in their yard swing. Yes it was a bit creepy, but picture worthy…lol

I had to travel down this road today. The cows graciously moved out of my way.

He was giving me the eye

She wanted to say HI!

During my trip on this road, I had to cross 3 wooden bridges.  While slowly creeping along on the second bridge I looked to my left and saw one of the many pumping stations the parish has.  These stations work in an effort to keep the flooding down during storms by pumping the water away into uninhabited areas.  The beauty of it was definitely picture worthy.  Another great thing about this road is that it is POSTED as privated property; therefore, it does not get much traffic.  So I stopped for a minute, pulled out my Droid and did not dare step out of my car, but took the picture from my driver’s seat.  I think they captured some of the beauty quite well.

This was to my left, the actual pumping station

This was the bayou or canal that was to the right of me while sitting on the bridge. As you can see it seems to be clogged with vegetation right now

Hope you all enjoyed a little peek into my drive.

~Christie :)

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10 thoughts on “Take the time to see your surroundings

  1. Hi, I have nominated you for the Traffic Driver Award. If you choose to accept you can look on my post on my blog. It’s a bit like a chain letter process. Cheers.

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