Hubig’s Pies

Around 4:30 a.m. today, 7/27/2012, the New Orleans Fire Department was called to the scene in the 2400 block of Dauphine.

The fire quickly spread and escalated to a five-alarm fire by 6:00 a.m. The facility has been heavily damaged, including the front of the building, which collapsed.  Over 90 firefighters responded to the scene and helped to put the fire out.  Thankfully there were no injuries.

These are the only pies that Nick was able to find today. I will somehow have to ration and make these last until they are up and running again. They are definitely not the healthiest out there, which gives them an even longer shelf life! lol

The Simon Hubig Pie Company was founded in Ft. Worth, TX at the start of World War I by master baker Hubig. At the time there was a southeastern chain of plants.  The plant located in New Orleans opened in 1922 at the same location that was destroyed today.  After the Depression, only the New Orleans location survived.   The New Orleans plant was destroyed once before during Hurricane Katrina.  The third generation owners vowed to keep the business open and rebuild and they did.  The business thrives in the local southern region.  It gainfully employs locals and according to their website, they vow to “REBUILD RESTORE REHUBIG’S, WE WILL NOT LOSE OUR FLAVOR!

You can view their site here and support the rebuilding by purchasing one of their cool t-shirts!  I know I will.  The owners will do the best they can to keep their employees employed and they will have their jobs back once the business is once again up and running.  Here in the South we look after each other, lend a hand, and do it all with a smile and a pretty cute twang. :)

Located in New Orleans just east of the historic French Quarter, the Simon Hubig Pie Company bakes all of their products daily. Fresh, local ingredients are used. And “Savory Simon” is memorialized in the company logo.

Names and faces don’t change too often at Hubig’s. The Bowman and Ramsey families are in their second generations of owner and operators, with a third ready to take the helm.

With the support of New Orleans and Hubig’s loyal employees, the bakery and its traditions will flourish for another 100 years.

~Christie :)

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One thought on “Hubig’s Pies

  1. Welcome back from your vacation :)
    I appreciate local companies that try their best to keep people employeed, epecially during these uncertain times. Sounds like a great company, I’ll check out their t-shirt :)

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