My Gracie Lynne is Eight and she seriously has Bieber Fever!!!

Eight years ago today, God decided to share more of his light with our family and sent one of his personal beams of sunshine to us, GRACIE LYNNE. She has been such a blessing. It seems like just days ago that I held her as a baby and read… stories to her. Today one of the sweetest sounds is her reading to me. Happy 8th Birthday Baby Girl!!! I am so proud of the little girl you have become and can’t wait to make more amazing memories with you.
She is a huge JB fan and we decided to decorate the house while she was sleeping and she woke up to this in her room.
Present time
She requested a wedding cake with purple sprinkles.  I could not find purple sprinkles anywhere so I made the inside purple…lol
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23 thoughts on “My Gracie Lynne is Eight and she seriously has Bieber Fever!!!

  1. oh my goodness! she kept the same smile since she was a baby…lol. Sweet kid, sweet cake, sweet momma, but not so sweet musician…lol
    Don’t even get me started on Mr.Bieber…lol. Did you know he has more youtube hits than Guns N Roses and Beatles combined? :(
    Please promise your faithful public that you will not join a radical organization such as “moms4bieber”, or equivalent…lol

    • hahaha! I promise, it’s just so nice to see her excited about something. Truly truly excited! Her ipod is full of only JB I can not wait to give her the concert tickets, I don’t think I can hold off until Christmas. :)

      • Whoever gives her the tickets will be a forever hero in her book :)
        I think you should let daddy take the credit for that one, what do you think? you can tell I’m little

      • come on, I think it will be GREAT! I’m assuming tickets are for you and Gracie. Think how awesome it will be if Nick “surprises” both of you with the tickets. It will be a perfect birthday gift for you, and your Gracie will learn how a man is suppose to treat a lady…lol. Its all about fabricating right examples at this age, right? haha.
        The current plan only affects you and Gracie in a positive way. The revised plan will affect two plus one. Which is a better value for your purchase? :) Come on, dads don’t get too many opportunities like this. I would be incredibly ecstatic if my wife did something like that, honest :)

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