Happy Father’s Day!!

The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!

Gracie’s Father’s Day Banner she made for Nick

The kids decided that Daddy needed new swim trunks for our near trip to Destin and also wanted to give him a little of his favorites.

We are so blessed to have such a loving man as a husband, dad, and friend.  On Father’s Day, he decided to grill veggies and steak for the family instead of going eat out.  He really enjoys spending time outdoors and at home. :)

I went visit my Dad in the morning, only to find that he had taken his ATV out and was riding along the levees.  I left his gift on his porch and awaited his call.  I had an old photo of my sister, my dad, and me blown up to 8X10 size and framed for him.  His reaction was priceless.  He told me that he didn’t care about the other goodies in the gift bag, that the picture meant the world to him! He is a rough around the edges kind of guy, but his heart is made of gold. 

We always looked up to him!

Hoping you all had a very blessed Father’s Day.

~Christie :)








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6 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!!

    • Yes! I didn’t realize how much it would touch him. His neighbor told me he sat outside on his porch in the afternoon and she saw him pick it up and look at it often.

  1. hahaha, you can’t have a happy father’s day without a beef jerky and some beer! I love that 1st photo. Although I’m inclined to guess that its a gator jerky?
    i know what you said about mother’s day blog, but I just think if would be pretty cool to see this father’s day blog and “mother’s” day blog side by side :)

    • The beef jerky is the BEST beef jerky ever. It is from a local butcher shop and they season it just right. Once you have had this “cajun Bourgeois” beef jerky you will not want any other…lol It’s actually Gold Peak Tea in there. My kids say that beer is a drug (what are the teachers teaching them, now-a-days?) lol

      • lol, sounds like you have a bitter teacher that was married to a drunk…hahaha. Glad everybody had a great father’s day. I will have to look up that jerky, I’m a HUGE jerky fan.

      • The jerky is so worth it. Their smokehouse is just a couple of miles from my house. I stop there sporadically but I am tempted every time I pass…

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