Summer Camp Adventure!

Even though we are from southern Louisiana, my children were super excited to visit the Jean Lafite National Park and Preserve and take part in the week-long wetlands camp. 

First day of camp, ready to go

Gracie at graduation

Nicholas at graduation

He was so excited

Future Junior Park Rangers

Only my kids would want to take a picture with the ranger car!!

Camps feature outdoor activities, nature crafts, hands-on experiments, music, games, and cultural explorations.  On the last day of camp they took a field trip to Greenwood Alligator Farm.  Greenwood processes the alligators that RJ and J Paul Mollinere and some of Liz’s gators from the History Channel’s famous Swamp People series.

The kids could not say enough good things about this week’s camp and are very upset that they can not go back.  It was a great way to start off our summer. 

For those of you interested you can get more information at .

~Christie :)

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11 thoughts on “Summer Camp Adventure!

  1. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say your kids are not into TV’s or video games, compared other kids their age. What a wonderful kids you got there and its so awesome to see them enjoy nature related activities. and oh, is that your commuter car? :)

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