Am I the only one who feels guilty celebrating Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is one day each year that is set aside to remember those that have laid down their lives for all the citizens of America. The freedoms that Americans enjoy are protected and ensured by the men and women of the armed services who put their lives on the line to protect the country and what it stands for. The armed services protect America from invasion and from acts of aggression from other countries around the world. They know that they may be called upon to lay their lives down to protect their country and still they volunteer to form that line of defense.

So many individuals and families have made the ultimate sacrifice for these freedoms, and yes I am ever so grateful to them, but celebrating this day with no particular individual to honor is just kind of strange to me.  I assist with the kids in gathering care packages and sending them off to troops out of country, we also collect the expired coupons and mail them to a marine base overseas, where they are allowed to use them for an additional six months from the date of expiration, but I just never feel like we do enough.  The only member in the armed services in my family was my grandfather.  He served in WWII and didn’t speak much about it to us.  He had numerous medals including the purple heart and proudly displayed them, but stories were never freely told to us.   This was an indication to me that his sacrifices were far more than myself and my family would ever understand.

My grandfather, my true hero

Today, we had the day off of work and in celebration of our freedom and in honor of my grandfather and all of those that have sacrificed so much, we had a small family day.  It was beautiful outside and we grilled some chicken, ribeyes, and pork ribs and explained to the kids the importance of the armed services.



Sweet Potato Souffle



My beautiful baby girl

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day and remembered the true reason we are celebrating.

~Christie :)

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13 thoughts on “Am I the only one who feels guilty celebrating Memorial Day?

  1. Your grandfather would be so happy to know that you continue to celebrate his as well as his Buudy’s service to our country.
    My husband seved for 22 years, did you see his shirt ready for him to wear to our BBQ?
    Let’s all celebrate!

  2. I feel guilty for not celebrating Memorial Day. Not because I am unpatriotic (I’m not); but because I have to work the entire weekend. I would rather be chowing down on a hamburger, hot dog, sparerib, ear of corn and all that great grilled food because I believe that if the very people whose lives we are honoring were alive they would be doing the very same thing with their families and friends.

  3. Our “Memorial Day” is our Remembrance Day in November. That tends to be more school assembly and outdoor services, etc. Yours sounds like a much happier day spent with family and gratitude!

  4. We can never forget the freedoms that we enjoy today because of the men in service – men of all countries and race – Americans, Canadians, Britain, Native, Scots, Sikh and the list goes on and on – if these men were here they would smile watching you celebrate with your children.

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