Our Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

We absolutely adore our children’s teachers. These are the gifts that we gifted them with this year.

Jasmine plants “Thank you for helping me grow”

The kids were totally ecstatic to bring these to their teachers!  I thought the saying was a little corny, but a very wise and dear friend told me, “there is nothing corny about teaching your children and to help them grow into great human beings , with feelings for others.”  Thank you Aunt Theresa

Lemon Cookie Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, Chocolate Chip Almond Sandwiches!

I think they went over really well!  I hope all of the teachers out there were appreciated and treated well!

~Christie :)

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16 thoughts on “Our Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

    • Awe! You are so welcome! We are so blessed to have the most amazing teachers. I drop my kids at school and never doubt that they are receiving the best education from genuinely caring teachers and staff. I love you too!!

  1. I love the fact your kids’ school is old fashioned where you can bring all these loving homemade goodies in for various occasions. Kid’s school around my area reminds for of communist controlled organization sometimes. Teachers are great, but its the school policy that is puzzling. We are not allowed to bring any homemade foods for distribution. It must be store bought with ingredients and nutritional content clearly visible and not tampered with. Sad isn’t it?

      • I’m voting for whoever supports school voucher program from now on. Public school here also has this strange program where teachers force integration among children. Kids are not allowed to sit next to friends during lunch time, they have to sit and integrate based on where their teacher tells them to sit. Maybe I’m too old fashioned for all this new trend in school.

  2. No you are not old fashioned at all. I understand that they don’t want any individuals ostracized, but they really are going too far and that is not the answer. Thankfully, the private schools here cost no where near the private schools in other areas. We are so blessed to have our kids in the environment they are in. Gov. Jindal just voted in the voucher system for the state of Louisiana and I am sooooo pleased about it. I can go on for days on the benefits this systems has for our children and the teachers as well.

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