My latest magazine article…Check it out.

My latest article has been published.  What started out as just a little something to do for experience, has turned into something that means so much to me.  I wrote two articles for the April issue, but only one was published this month and the other will be published next month.  That actually works out for me, because with all of our obligations and taking Gracie back and forth to doctors for testing, I did not have the time to devote to the article that they wanted me to do.  I could have put something out, but it would not have been fair, because I know I would not have given it my all.  Now I feel like something is missing since I didn’t have an article to put out for next month. :(

You can read my latest published article here.

My name is no longer just a byline in the magazine I am listed as a contributing writing!!  Woo hooo! (A friend brought this to my attention today on the printed magazine version).  POV is both an online and printed publication.

~Christie :)

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18 thoughts on “My latest magazine article…Check it out.

    • Thank you. Gracie has a chronic cough that has bothered her since she was a toddler. We found that it gets worse during the beginning of spring and fall: therefore, we thought it was allergy related. After days of allergy testing (over 60 sticks on her back one day and 50 on the next day) it was found that she had no severe allergies, puzzling us even more. We then had her tonsils and adenoids removed thinking that would help, but it didn’t. It is not a wheezing cough, its a deep croupy, barking cough. Just recentely we took her to a pulmonologist at Tulane Medical in New Orleans and he ran several tests, lung capacity, x-ray, cat scan, etc. and is confident that it is not her lungs. We have her on a long term antibiotic and are journaling when she coughs how long, and the conditions around her when it starts. Its just so frustrating to not have answers. Thanks for your concern. I’ll keep yall updated. I figured I’d blog on it once we figured out what was the cause b/c I am sure she is not the only little kid going through this and hope we can help others.

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