Call me an electronic hoarder–it’s all good with me!

I don’t know about you, but I find myself sitting in front of my computer/kindle fire/phone just killing time pinning myself away.  My name is Christie Pepper and I’m a Pinterest addict.  Phew…glad to get that admission off of my chest!  I have heard others say that Pinterest addicts are the new class of hoarders – the electronic hoarders.  I guess in a way that is true.  I pin things that I like, but know that I will never get around to doing.  Lately, I have been pinning all of these amazing looking clothes that I want to buy and pinning these dangerous recipes and desserts that will keep me from fitting into those amazing clothes!  lol 

This weekend was pretty pinteresting.  I took a little break from crafting since my husband was actually off from work and decided to try a couple of the recipes I pinned.  Boy, was it worth it!!!

From top left to right:

1.  Chicken Parmesean Casserole from food wishes.  This is truly AMAZING!!!

2.  Alfredo Pizza Casserole from my previous post here.  This time I used alfredo sauce instead of tomato.  We LOVED the change.

3. Zea’s Roasted Corn Grits from their website here.  Just didn’t add the green onion and used white instead of yellow grits, but satisfied my craving.  (Our closest Zeas is about 60 miles away).

4. A super moist chocolate cake (my recipe) that my little man Nicholas requested.  The filling is caramel and it is a technique blogged about at Brooklyn Limestone in progress.  My family has been doing it this way for years, I just never blogged a tutorial on it. 

Hope you all get the chance to try these one day!  Happy Pinning!!!

~Christie :)

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37 thoughts on “Call me an electronic hoarder–it’s all good with me!

  1. I’ve briefly looked at pinterest and then quickly got out of there – I know I would be addicted and spend all my time on it! Love the recipes – hope you don’t mind – I’ve pressed this post..

  2. I’ve been pinning for almost a year now and it is so, so, so addictive! But, I have made several of the crafty things that I’ve pinned and have plans for several more; we’ve made several recipes; and I’ve used some storage and cleaning tips that I pinned as well. But, I have had to put a self-imposed limit on the amount of time per day I am allowed to pin, otherwise, nothing would get done!

  3. have not done the pinning thus far for I have started staying away from other places than here because they are way to time consuming…and your photo dish pics look great and now have gained ten lbs just looking at them…lol…have a great Monday and smile…Bev

  4. I know what you mean about being a “hoarder” on Pinterest… I have decided when I first started using it that I would limit myself to only pinning food or crafts that I would actually at some point make for some reason. I have a couple of other boards that are just for wishful thinking. But with the food pins, I always check out the recipe to see if it is something I think my husband and myself would like first.

    Pinterest is just so fun! :)

  5. Funny enough, I get emails when you post…and when I saw the title of this post, I instantly knew it was about Pinterest…because I am the EXACT SAME WAY. It’s SO addictive. Thankfully, I can put down the “Pinterest Pipe” as I jokingly call it a little easier now that it’s not brand new to me, but man oh man…And I’ve been using it to do my research for my designs for the show I working on, so it makes it REALLY EASY to justify spending hours on there and calling it “productivity”!

  6. So glad to find someone that shares my love for electronic devices. I’m always doing something on my laptop, ipad, iphone…and usually it has something to do with pinterest. Can’t get enough of seeing what others are doing for food, fashion, crafting, you name it. It’s an obessesion. I try to rationalize it with getting new ideas for everyday things. Being a stay at home mom, having a new idea for anything is a huge accomplishment! Thanks for making me feel a little more ‘normal’ :)

  7. ‘fraid I’m a Pinterest freak too! & a foodie – I could dig right into that chicken parmesan dish, it looks so tasty. x

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