My Very Own Little Iron Man

I blog often about the crafts and DIY projects that I make, but today I have to blog about my little man, Nicholas.  He is my 6-year-old son, who has an extensive imagination and goes off into his own little worlds.  He totally occupies himself while the girls are doing girlie things.  For the past couple of months, I have been washing and saving empty food cans after opening them in hopes of making painted personalized Easter baskets for the kids’ classmates.  I had them neatly picked up in a box at the bottom of my pantry.  Nicholas decided to open up the other sides of the cans and make IRON ARMS.  I did not know what he was doing until he came out like this!

He actually opened more cans (as you can see on the floor and sofa), but they were not big enough to go over his legs.  He asked me if I can buy stuff in the big cans like the school cafeteria so they can fit over his legs and of course some red and gold spray paint and wires to complete the “IRON MAN SUIT”. 

Just more proof that he occupies himself and lives in his own world.  This is where Nick found him while he was supposed to be helping with yard work.  hehehe. 

Checking out the sales paper, There must have been a Nerf gun or Iron Man toy in there

Thank God for Little Boys!!!  I am so blessed with one of the best!

~Christie :)

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18 thoughts on “My Very Own Little Iron Man

    • Absolutely! Nicholas seems to get lost at home bc he has two sisters, but everytime I go to him, there is always something new and amazing. He definitely is an insprational blessing.

  1. My oldest is turning 3 soon and he’s always coming up with things to entertain himself. His imagination amazes me…and he names his toys the oddest things — for awhile EVERYTHING was Edna and now things are starting to be called Pitzari or something lol. Gotta love boys. I can’t wait to see him and the now 3 month old playing together…as long as they help clean up!

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