It was a Blessed Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just another day to many and I have recently heard it referred to as “Singles Awareness Day”. I can go on and blog about the history of St. Valentine, but I definitely won’t be doing that, instead I will tell you what Valentine’s Day has meant to me and my family and why I refuse to see it as just another day.

When I was a child in elementary school, I remember the excitement of making my own “mailbox” to take to class and collect all of my Valentines, I remember being the girl who made her own valentines to give out (each one being specific to the recipient) and still giving out the store-bought ones my mom purchased for my sister and I to hand out along with them, I remember the excitement of opening the valentines I received and reading the little sayings (that many others had on theirs) and reading way too much into them, I remember giggling with friends and teasing “So and so sitting in a tree”, and I remember waiting for someone to ask me to be their valentine, and of course when they did it was no longer what I wanted…lol.  I remember those gifts that meant so much to me, like the flowers, and cards my mom made for my sister and I, the time we spent showing her the valentines we received, time that we will never have with her again.  I remember my awkward teenage years, when I was boyfriendless and my older cousin bought me a long-stemmed rose and delivered it to me at Jr. High, instantly making me the envy of others who received nothing.(I know that seems superficial, but boy did that help me with my self-esteem)  There is so much more to Valentine’s Day than this, I know, but this is what made ME happy and I will always cherish those days.

As I got older, the flowers, candy and jewelry were great, but that childhood innocence is missing. With those nice expensive gifts “expressing their love” always came expectations, or they were just trying to one up someone else. Now that I am a wife and mom, my greatest Valentine gifts are the cherished memories, the time spent with my family, and hoping to make great memories for my little ones that they can look back on. Holidays are tradition and traditions are carried on by people who care and take time to show that those around them mean something.

Today, my kids came home from school with some of the cutest handmade crafty valentines yet. It made my heart leap and I was just as excited as they were.

My Valentine’s Day gifts this year were handmade cards from the kids.  The kids even wrapped up some of their own possessions and gave them to each other.  Gracie gave Nicholas some of her “easy readers” and Patience some markers, blank paper and erasers, Nicholas wrapped up his toys and old stuffed animals and gave them to his sisters.  This to me was by far more than I could have asked for, but tonight I received a card from my husband with reservations at one of Thibodaux’s few upscale restaurants, Flanagan’s. 

The kids felt so special there, they were able to dress up, were the only kids in the whole restaurant, and LOVED the food.  They even shared Triple Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert. I was so proud of their behavior and seeing them so happy made me happy.

Hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s day.  Holidays are mostly traditions, traditions are made and carried on by people who care.  Anyone can start a tradition that will last far longer than they will.  Take the time to carry on a tradition or start one of your own!


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31 thoughts on “It was a Blessed Valentine’s Day

  1. tear, tear….you have inspired me to try harder and take charge of my holidays. I love the fact that your children were included tonight :)

  2. As I said in my blog I’m not a Valentine person – have to eat my words after reading your blog – your Valentine day looked awesome – Cheesecake especially – Cherished my cards from hubby and my boys – those made my day!

  3. I loved this post today, it made me so nostalgic recalling Valentine’s from my childhood. I wish I had kept just a few. The pretty little valentine heart that is stitched… we made those with our kindergarten class, exactly like that with the little lace doily in the middle! Wonderful! xo Smidge
    ps love your new photo!!

  4. Thank you for reminding me to make a card, and for bringing back those reminiscent Valentine’s Days of childhood. It’s wonderful that your family spends Valentine’s Day showing your love for each other :)

  5. I enjoyed your Valentine post. My children did handmade cards this year, but I didn’t get involved. You have inspired me to make the time to help them with the task next year. Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

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