DIY Valentine Class Treats

I actually saw this idea in Family Fun, showed it to the kids and they immediately decided that this is what they wanted to give out as class treats.  These were super easy to make. 
Goodie Bags
Candy of your choice (I wanted to put m&ms in them, but the kids chose conversation hearts, yuck)
Plastic shovels (Bought in bulk on ebay)
Gift Tags (i dig you printables, you can print them here) The link may take a while but it will get you there
Print the tags and cut them out.  You can address them on the back of the tags.  Shovel some candy, place the shovel and candy in a goodie bag, and tie it closed with the gift tag.  This was so easy and fun, the kids really enjoyed helping and are super excited to bring them to school.
Happy Valentines Day!
~Christie :)
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23 thoughts on “DIY Valentine Class Treats

    • I forgot to give credit to Family Fun, I’ll go in there and edit. I saw it there and the kids decided it was what they wanted. This would definitely be great in a bake sale. The shovels are really cheap on ebay

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  2. used this idea a few times love it! Just found the template just wondering how you changed the color? On the template it’s pink I have a boy would like to change it to red like yours.

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