Mardi Gras

I was really upset having to take down all of my Christmas decorations this past weekend, then when I put the decorations away in the attic…I hit the jackpot.  I had totally forgotten about my Mardi Gras decorations.

My sister actually put the mask and the netting on the wreath and then decided to give it to me.  I found some left over decorations and placed them in there, it came out pretty good if I can say so myself.

My kids love Mardi Gras as much as I do.  Here is Nicholas dancing around in the front yard while I was putting the wreath up on the door.  Gracie grabbed the camera and caught him in action…lol

 This is my Gracie Lynne at her class Mardi Gras Ball, last school year.  She was her krewe co-captain and she truly loved it.  We are getting ready for Nicholas’ one this year.  He is anxious to wear his Woody costume.

This is just a little of my inside decor.  I have other little clowns/jesters around in the house, but Patience thinks that they are creepy.  She is not as excited about the whole costume party thing.  I do have to say that I am quite glad about that, she is being cautious at her age.

I will be putting up more Mardi Gras pictures as soon as carnival time is here.  For those of you who do not know about Mardi Gras or who have never had the experience, it is a must!!


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