Easy Drawstring Reversible Pouch Tutorial

This is just a simple but cute reversible drawstring pouch that even the newest person to sewing can make. It is not the jewelry pouch with inside pockets this one is just a reversible pouch.

Materials Needed:

  • Small amount of two contrasting fabrics. I went with a solid color
    and a pattern, but since it is reversible two cute pattern prints would be
  • Cord or ribbon for the drawstring
  • Thin cardboard (I used cereal box)
  • Pencil
  • Coffee Cup
  • Matching thread
  • Other sewing essentials

Two Contrasting fabrics

Thin Cardboard & pencil

Step 1: Cut your fabric: I used a coffee cup as a guide for my base (4” diameter).  I traced around the coffee cup on my box of
cereal and cut out the circle. I then pinned my cardboard circle in the center of the wrong side of the fabric that I chose.
I had a “Makeshift compass” and from the center of the cardboard I drew a 9” circle to mark where to cut the two circles and then cut them. *At this point, you may want to trace these circles on a piece of newspaper, parchment paper or paper bag to make a pattern for future use and skip all of these steps.*

"Makeshift Compass"

Drawing out the big circle

Cut Circles

Step 2: Pin in the edges of both of the fabrics, separately about 1 and half inches in. (Pin in to the bad side of fabric) Iron down the edges. Now place the cardboard circle in the center sandwiched  between the two fabric circles, with the print sides facing out

Pinning Circles

Good sides out, wrong sides in

Step 3: Now sew around the cardboard circle that is placed in the center.  I sewed a circle and then sewed a big X through the circle. Just for contrast.

Center Circle

Step 4: Remove the pins and sew together the two fabrics by sewing a circle about one inch in from the edge.  The fabrics do not have to match up exactly since it is going to gather and ruffle up at the top anyway.  Then sew another circle about a half of an inch from that one, forming the casing for your drawstring. (This may need to be bigger depending on the size of ribbon or cord you have chosen.)

Sewing Together

All Sewn Up

Step 5: Use a ripper to make two openings about an inch apart in the casing to thread your drawstring through (entrance and exit).  You can choose either side to do this to, but only cut through one of the fabrics.  I chose the solid side to cut through and there are no cuts on my printed side.  Once the cut is made, use a safety pin to thread your drawstring through, in one hole and out of the other. You can then tie beads to the ends of your ribbon or just leave it plain.  Since I chose a bigger ribbon, I like the elegance of it being plain.  Some of you may want to measure ahead and sew button holes, before sewing the circles together, for a nicer finish. Iwill do this next time now that I have some measurements to work with.

**You can also do the two string pull at this point. You would need one hole in the casing on the left side of the center and one hole in the casing directly across to the right side of the center.  You would have to use a smaller ribbon or cord for this method (since two will be threaded through).  You would still thread your drawstring through with a safety pin, but it would go completely around in the casing and come back out of the same hole.  Then do the same with the hole directly across.

Drawstring pull

And Voila, You have a cute little reversible bag!  I am going to use these as gifts and fill them with personalized trinkets for the receiver.

So pretty


This is my first tutorial, so I hope that it was not too confusing.

~~Christie Pepper

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