This is to help you with navigation my website. I have an about page, blog, freelance article page and may be adding more pages in the near future. My about page is mainly about me and why I decided to create this website blog. The freelance page is an indicator to let you see what freelance articles I have written and who has sponsored them, please check them out and tell me what you think! The blog page is about random blog articles that pop in my head and I decide to write about. This is a pretty random page so know that whenever I post a new blog, it might be weird. Finally, I have a random rants page, I use this page to release anger from the news or after a bad day; aka expression page. Here are the links throughout my site:

About Me
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Using My Site

Please keep in mind when browsing and reading my articles to keep an open mind and be willing to look at these articles from a different perspective and point of view. Viewing from different perspectives is what is going extinct in this world so we need to see the world from different viewpoints and not get upset because it doesn’t agree with our own views. I thank you for visiting my site and hope to capture you as a long time reader of my work – thanks!

Special Thanks

For all the help and advice given to me through my articles written on home remodeling and repair services, I would like to thank my good junk removal friends at Atlanta Dumpster Rental HQ and Houston Dumpster Rentals for all their support and advising me on how their industry works. Without you guys and some other helpful sponsors, this would have not been possible.


This couldn’t have been made possible without:

Kansas City Dumpster Pros

They have been in business for over 15 years and continue to do an excellent job within the waste removal industry. Thanks again!

Nashville TN Dumpster Rental Pros

These guys have been servicing the Nashville metro area for waste removal over the past 10 years and continue to do an excellent job!

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